How To Treat Coronavirus At Home? We know the recommendations

Lucky people who have the infection mildly or without major discomfort are called "undefined". If it turns out that in Poland, nearly 60 percent. If the infected go through the plague on an almost dry foot, most of these people will be treated in their own homes. Nevertheless, the recommendations issued by the GIS apply to those who have tested positive for the coronavirus. As we read, home isolation should include patients who, after being examined by a doctor, "do not require hospitalization due to their health condition".

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Don't touch the animals!

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate recommends checking body temperature twice a day. In addition, coronavirus patients should drink nearly 1.5 liters of fluids a day and eat three to four easily digestible meals. Officials recommend locking yourself into one room and ventilating the room frequently.
However, it is forbidden to use fans, air conditioning or air purifiers. GIS also prohibits, inter alia, touching animals. "They can transmit the virus to healthy people on the hair," we read.
The inspectorate recommends that you make contact via electronics. If someone has to enter the patient's room, it must be in a mouth and nose mask. What? Surgical or "self-prepared". As a last resort, a regular towel will suffice. The same should be done by a patient who intends to leave the room.

Wash yourself last

"If there is a shared toilet / bathroom in the apartment, use it (as a sick person - ed.) Separately, preferably as the last member of the household" - recommends GIS. For this disinfection of the toilet, hand washing. The inspectorate ensures that there are sufficient funds "available to households".
Particular care should also be taken when washing or throwing garbage. Both clothes and waste should be put in a plastic bag. Importantly, both washing the cutlery (the patient should have a set for himself - ed.) And washing clothes (we wash the patient's clothes separately - ed.) Should take place at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius.
GIS recommends that you change your bed linen and pajamas every two days. Towels are best changed daily. In addition, of course, there are recommendations that we know very well - you should wash your hands often and be careful in direct contact. It's best to keep two meters away.

What about medications?

Although GIS recommendations - as we have learned unofficially - have been widely consulted with specialists in the field of infectious diseases, immunology and doctors dealing with infection control, we will not find information on what medications to take.
Please remember that the Chief Sanitary Inspector will not prescribe treatment for patients. We treat ourselves symptomatically at home. If we are in pain, we buy a painkiller, said Dr. PaweĊ‚ Grzesiowski, a virologist, to Interia.
Just a week ago, the WHO (World Health Organization - ed.) Recommended that people infected with COVID-19 avoid treatment with ibuprofen. The European Medicines Agency did not agree with this position. According to the latter, there is no scientific evidence confirming the relationship between the use of ibuprofen and worsening of the course of virus infection. Eventually, the WHO withdrew its recommendation.